Welcome to Tree of Life - Bay Area!

Tree of Life - Bay Area is committed to holistic wellbeing, self-knowledge, purposeful living, relationships, and ecological restoration beginning at the individual, residential, and community levels. We an independent center expressing work designed in and for the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are, at the same time, inspired and trained by the teaching of the Tree of Life Center US.

Featured Fall Events:

Live-Faith Live-Food Dinners and Talks Series - in San Francisco

Tree of Life - Bay Area Resources:  

"Ungunk the Funk" Green Juice Fasting Holistic Cleanse Program...More

Will-to-be-Well Consulting...More

Conceive Naturally Now...More

Teaching and guidance on the Natural Way of Living (Derekh Ha'Teva/Sanatana Dharma) 

Streaming library of supportive natural health and wellness films, documentaries, audios, ebooks, and other media?...More

Plus weekly meditation, and additional funshops, meetups, retreats, music gatherings, and learning/study group.

Tree of Life - Bay Area honors our teachers who have given their approval of this 100% local and unaffiliated center, including Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder of the Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Center US.

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