Welcome to Tree of Life - Bay Area!

Tree of Life - Bay Area is committed to holistic wellbeing, self-knowledge, purposeful living, relationships, and ecological restoration beginning at the individual, residential, and community levels. We an independent center expressing work designed in and for the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are, at the same time, inspired and trained by the teaching of the Tree of Life Center US.

Tree of Life - Bay Area Offers:  

Yes it's true: Tree of Life - Bay Area is proactively taking steps to open a location for conscious food served daily, a meditation and learning center, and healing practitioners. Stay tuned and please press the button to join the mailing list!

Will-to-be-Well Consulting with Micha'el BedarShah...Testimonials and more

Heal-thy U(terus): Get Pregnant Naturally with Dr. Aumatma BedarShah, ND...More

"Ungunk the Funk" Green Juice Fasting Holistic Cleanse Program, March 2014.   More

Essene Foundations for the Spiritual Nutrition Lifestyle in the Modern World ==> See right hand column for the Consultation Package.

Spiritually deepening music, meditation, funshops, retreats, study...

And more regular events.

Tree of Life - Bay Area honors our teachers who have given their approval of this 100% local and unaffiliated center, including Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder of the Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Center US.

Looking for a streaming library of Michael Bedar-approved natural health and wellness films, documentaries, audios, ebooks, and other media?  Go to Yoel Media.

Opportunity to attend Dr. Gabriel Cousens teaching events in the Bay Area, May, 2014.